Beth Eden Baptist School is situated with a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains in a suburb of the Mile High City. Founded in 1972 as a ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church, we exist for the purpose of providing students a Christian worldview education through rigorous academics, intentional character development, and an appreciation for the fine arts. More than 500 students have graduated from Beth Eden Baptist School.


Beth Eden is a private school that holds distinct Christian values. We are proud to hold to our mission statement: “Educational Excellence in a Caring Christian Atmosphere.”

As a Christian school, Beth Eden wants the message and reality of the cross of Christ to permeate every aspect of what we do. To that end, we hire only Christian teachers who profess faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrate, in their daily living, the transforming work of the Gospel.

Each student participates in Bible classes as well as chapel services that are Christ-centered, connecting each Bible story and life principle to the unfolding of the bigger story of the Gospel.