K3 Curriculum

K3: Pathways for Preschool BJU Press

The lessons are organized in twelve monthly thematic units.

  • Unit 1 Through the Barnyard Gate
  • Unit 2 The Street Where I Live
  • Unit 3 Down Autumn Lanes
  • Unit 4 Blazing New Trails
  • Unit 5 Christmas Journey
  • Unit 6 Along Snowy Paths
  • Unit 7 Steppingstones to the Mailbox
  • Unit 8 Wet and Windy Ways
  • Unit 9 Around the Neighborhood
  • Unit 10 Up the Waterspout
  • Unit 11 Paw Prints on My Porch
  • Unit 12 Highways to Summer Fun


  • Correlated Center ideas
  • Colorful charts and manipulatives
  • Suggested theme days and field trips
  • Theme-related activity pages and crafts
  • CD featuring traditional and original children’s songs
  • Circle teaching time stories and activities

By emphasizing a center-based, hands-on approach to learning, these materials provide opportunities for each child to learn at his own developmental level and ability. Motor skills, habits, listening, language, number and letter awareness and recognition, scientific investigation, and cultural knowledge are incorporated into the lessons.