The Beth Eden Difference

What we strive for

Listening to God through His Word: read a portion of Scripture at the start of each day.
Talking to God: set aside a time for prayer.
Walking with God: determine to “honor God with your life.”
Hiding God’s Word in your Heart: memorize a new verse every week.
Talking about God: share an answer to prayer or a blessing with a friend.

Why We Excel

Quality education ought to be the hallmark of any school, and Beth Eden strives for excellence in the area of academics. Through a challenging curriculum, guidance from the faculty, and placement testing, we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that each student is adequately prepared for higher education. We offer dual credit classes which allow students to begin accumulating credits for college while still in high school. In addition to rigorous academics, students are provided opportunities to be involved in athletics, theatrical and musical productions, community service projects, and student life activities.