Mrs. Lisa Glazier

Years Teaching: 16
Years at Beth Eden: 16
Coursework: B.S. Liberty University
Position: Faculty Supervisor and English teacher

What I love about teaching high school English at BEBS:  Teaching literature at Beth Eden is a privilege because I get to share with my students the authors’ philosophies of life.  This helps us better understand the literature and become critical thinkers.  I love our focus on learning grammar, and I find joy in helping my students develop their voices in their writing.

Something about me:  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and playing the piano.  My life verse is Proverbs 4:23, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”


Mr. Jonathan Albright

Years Teaching: 3
Years at Beth Eden: 3
Coursework: B.S. Colorado School of Mines
Position: Math and Physics teacher

What I love about teaching physics and math at BEBS:  Physics is my passion and math is an integral part of physics and the other sciences.  I love learning about how God’s creation works and sharing that with students. Seeing them develop that same passion for learning is wonderful.

Something about me:  My degree is in Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines.  When I am not teaching, I run my own business programming web applications.  In my free time I enjoy bowling and climbing 14ers.  I also play in the Denver Bronze, a community hand bell ensemble.


Miss Lydia Armstrong

Years Teaching: 7
Years at Beth Eden: 3
Coursework: B.A., M.A. Bob Jones University
Position: History and English teacher

What I love about teaching middle school history and English at BEBS:  I love my students!  Middle school is a fun age to work with.  I enjoy Beth Eden’s family feel and the opportunity to get to know students and their families individually.  I feel privileged to be able to minister alongside such a professional, hard-working, and encouraging staff.

Something about me:  I was born in southern Spain, grew up in Hispanic ministry in Northern California, and lived in Mexico for a year.  I am fluent in Spanish and love the language, as well as Hispanic culture.  I love reading, playing the piano, and volleyball.  I enjoy playing with my niece and nephews when I get to visit.  My favorite verse is II Corinthians 5:7, “We walk by faith, not by sight.”


Mr. Melvin R. Cacayorin

Years Teaching: 18
Years at Beth Eden: 2
Coursework: B.S., M.A.T., M.A. Bob Jones University
Position: Math teacher

What I love about teaching math at BEBS:  Beth Eden offers educational excellence in a caring Christian atmosphere that is genuine, authentic, and positive.  It is a privilege to teach alongside great faculty members and encourage students to serve God in the school setting.

Something about me:  I like watching the Los Angeles Dodgers, cooking, and working with computers.  My wife Charis and I have been married for 11 years and have two daughters and a son. I also teach math classes for Maranatha Baptist University and Red Rocks Community College.  My favorite chapter is Psalm 27.

Mrs. Mary Collins

Years Teaching: 7
Years at Beth Eden: 3
Coursework: Arapahoe Community College, Metropolitan State University, Horizons Real Estate School
Position: Modified Program Director, Consumer Math teacher

What I love about working with the modified student program at BEBS:  My passion is teaching, inspiring, and challenging children to love learning and Jesus.  I have had the pleasure of teaching at Beth Eden for the past two years.  I see great academic growth by meeting students' needs through individualized and small group instruction.  I am very blessed to be part of an educational community that shows Jesus’ love every day.

Something about me:  I am the youngest of eight children, with three brothers and four sisters.  I was raised in Arvada, Colorado.  I am now the mother of four.  Two of my children attend Beth Eden Baptist School.  My hobbies include traveling to visit my older two children, cooking, and entertaining in my home.

Mrs. Jessica Coon

Years Teaching: 4
Years at Beth Eden: 1
Coursework: B.S., Early Childhood Education, Bob Jones University
Position: K-5 Teacher

What I love about teaching K-5 at BEBS: K-5 is such a great age to teach!  My students just love to learn and I enjoy the challenge of keeping our lessons meaningful, effective, and fun. I appreciate the academic environment here at Beth Eden that encourages students to do their best for God's glory and equips teachers to know how they can facilitate student success.

Something about me: My husband is a pastor and we enjoy working with our church family very much. I have 4 children who all attend Beth Eden and I love passing them in the hall and getting a quick hug at lunch! I enjoy baking, home renovating projects, listening to audiobooks, and playing games with my family. My favorite verse is Colossians 2:6, “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him.”

Dr. Steve Coon

Years Teaching: 12
Years at Beth Eden: 3
Coursework: B.S. Metropolitan State University, J.D. University of Colorado
Position: Bible, Government, and Economics teacher

What I love about teaching high school at BEBS:  Our students are so much fun!  We share great joy together in looking at life and eternity though the brightly lit lens of God’s Word.  What a privilege God has given me!

Something about me:  My favorite verse is Psalm 146:2, “I will praise the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have any being.”  Life simply gets no better for me than when I can sing praises to my wonderful God in thanksgiving for His indescribable gift of Jesus Christ. 

Mrs. Laura Dukeshier

Years Teaching: 5
Years at Beth Eden: 1
Coursework: B.S. Bob Jones University
Position: 3rd grade teacher

What I love about teaching 3rd grade at Beth Eden: I am so thankful to be able to serve my students, families, and fellow faculty at Beth Eden Baptist this year! God provided a position in the grade of my choice and has already blessed in our classroom! I enjoy teaching all the subjects and material we learn in 3rd grade. It is a joy watching the children grow from lower elementary at the beginning of the year, into upper elementary as they leave at the end of the year!

Something about me: I am a New England girl, and of course, a Red Sox fan! I love spending time with my husband and four children playing games, hiking, or watching a family movie with a bowl of popcorn! I also love sitting before God's creation somewhere quiet with my Bible and a cup of coffee! Another passion is singing. I sing in my church choir as well as with the Colorado Symphony Chorus! The thing I look forward to the most- singing in heaven with the angels. :-)

Mrs. Nancy Elliott

Years Teaching: 9
Years at Beth Eden: 4
Coursework: B.A., Bob Jones University
Position: Band Director

What I love about teaching bands: I love introducing students to the art of instrumental music groups. It's a skill set that will literally last a lifetime. I also enjoy seeing the enthusiasm of a beginner transform into the confidence of an accomplished young musician. All it takes is a little instruction coupled with regular effort from the student. And there's nothing like the satisfaction of a well-done performance.

Something about me: I'm a Colorado native who was privileged to grow up in the Denver area. I love my family and all that surrounds their activities. In addition I snatch up as many performance opportunities as I can including several local orchestras, the Jefferson Symphony brass quintet, musicals, and ballets. Currently I am also a member of the Colorado Wind Ensemble.

Mrs. Pam Francis

Years Teaching: 13
Years at Beth Eden: 8
Coursework: B.S. Northland International University
Position: First Grade teacher

What I love about teaching 1st Grade at BEBS:  I love teaching first grade because it allows me to be a part of the crucial learning of young children.  Things we learn in first grade are things my students will use their whole lives: reading, math facts, telling time, writing sentences, loving God’s creation and His people.  I love teaching at Beth Eden because it feels like family to me. 

Something about me:  I am a wife and mom of two teenage children.  My family loves its pet cat, Harbor.  I love the beauty of the outdoors in Colorado and enjoy hiking and exploring new places.  I like playing with photos and arranging them into Shutterfly albums.  My favorite verse is Psalm 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits . . .” because God has blessed me in so many ways.

Mrs. Heather Gruis

Years Teaching: 16
Years at Beth Eden: 13
Coursework: B.S. Clearwater Christian College, M.M. University of Denver
Position: Strings teacher

What I love about teaching strings:  I love teaching strings at BE because we are training the students in lifelong skills in music, of course, but also in character - being disciplined in practice, persevering when the task seems daunting, learning to be an essential member of a team, training for lifelong participation in a church music program, developing God-given talent, and using that talent for His glory. 

Something about me:  Aside from music, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters, sisters, and parents, reading historical Christian fiction, serving in my church, and drinking coffee with good friends.

Mrs. Teri Hall

Years Teaching: 8
Years at Beth Eden: 8
Coursework: B.A., M.A. Bob Jones University
Position: History and French teacher

What I love about teaching history at BEBS:  History allows an easy segue into developing a Christian worldview, which is critical for students in our post-Christian society.  I want students to know history well enough to detect God’s sovereign hand on the nations and to apply its lessons.  What keeps me teaching, in spite of the stacks of paper grading, are the students themselves.

Something about me:  My husband Don is the music and missions pastor at Beth Eden Baptist Church.  Our two adult children are Abby and Jordan.  We’ve enjoyed playing music together and going on missions trips to South Africa.  I enjoy sewing, reading, and outdoor activities.  I prefer to clean rather than cook, much to my family’s dismay.  While in college I struggled with assurance of my salvation.  Colossians 2:9-10 helped to settle my soul.

Mr. Bernie Hutchinson

Position: Interim Athletic Director, Coach

I enjoy coaching players and watching them develop skills. I am also amazed at how much you affect players sometimes hearing from them in the future about how you helped them.

I was born in Denver.  After choosing not to play college or pro baseball I have traveled around the US and Europe at different times in my life. My wife Nancy used to teach music at Beth Eden and both of our children attended Beth Eden from K to graduation. Over the years I have coached baseball and football in younger players, coached MS soccer and assisted with boys varsity soccer and girls varsity basketball.

Miss Kathie Kittle

Years Teaching: 34
Years at Beth Eden: 12
Coursework: B.S. Pillsbury Baptist Bible College
Position: Second Grade teacher

What I love about teaching 2nd Grade at BEBS:  I love when the second graders’ eyes light up when they “get it”!  Dissecting owl pellets in the spring is always fun.  Second graders love life and enjoy learning, so they make it fun and interesting. 

Something about me:  I love to do crafty things with my sewing machine.  Reading is my time to unwind;  Christian historical fiction is my favorite genre.  I enjoy working out at Youfit!  I love living next door to my sister and her family and spoiling my nephews.  My favorite Bible verses are Romans 8:38-39.

Mrs. Debbie Lee

Years Teaching: 37
Years at Beth Eden: 37
Coursework: B.S. University of Colorado, Master’s work Colorado Christian
Position: Fourth Grade teacher

What I love about teaching 4th Grade at BEBS:  I love teaching the boys and girls about Jesus.  We like to learn how to apply the lessons He taught in our own lives.  Our curriculum is so interesting in science and history; there are a lot of fun things to learn about and discover.

Something about me:  I love to read a good book. Mysteries are my favorites; I like to figure out who did it before I finish the book.  I have two Schnausers, Joleigh and Jaxx. They like to go with my husband and me on picnics in the mountains.  We have three grown children and one grandson; my family is very important to me.  My life verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Pastor David Locke

Coursework: B.A., Northland International University
Position: Middle School Bible teacher

What I love about teaching Bible at BEBS:  Interacting with students for the purpose of helping them grow in their walk with God brings joy.  The enthusiasm and desire to learn present in the student body shed a refreshing light on the future.

Something about me:  I am married with two boys.  I love soccer, the Broncos, theology, reading (particularly Louis L’Amour), the Broncos, hiking with my family and the Broncos.

Mrs. Karis McConnell

Years Teaching: 23
Years at Beth Eden: 17
Coursework: A.A. Red Rocks Community College and Metropolitan State College
Position: Art, Elementary Physical Education, and Study Skills teacher, Coach

What I love about teaching art, physical education and study skills at BEBS:  I love the interaction with the students.  Getting to know students individually, while seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they learn a new concept makes teaching exciting.

Something about me:  I enjoy spending time with my family.  We like hiking and going on bike rides together.  My life verses are Proverbs 3:5-6.


Miss Karen Myer

Years Teaching: 17
Years at Beth Eden: 2
Coursework: B.S. Northland International University, M.Ed. Bob Jones University
Position: Fifth Grade teacher

What I love about teaching 5th Grade at BEBS:  I can connect my experiences with what I am teaching, whether planning activities like those that made my fifth grade experience memorable or connecting my life and travels abroad with the missionary stories in the Bible as well as extra information, photos, and activities for our history lessons.

Something about me:  I was born and raised in Kansas, but I have lived in many other places, including China.  I am the second of five children.  Two verses that are special to me are Romans 5:8 and Lamentations 3:22-23.  I love to travel, read, and scrapbook.  I have two pet rabbits that hop all around my home.

Mr. Gregg Pilchard

Years Teaching: 41
Years at Beth Eden: 25
Coursework: B.A. Denver Baptist Bible College, Barnes Business College, University of Denver
Position: Yearbook teacher

What I love about teaching Yearbook at BEBS:  I have the privilege of working with approximately ten students each year producing the school’s yearbook.  It is always exciting to see how an initial idea that we begin with in the fall develops into a publication that not only documents the year’s activities, but presents a Biblical theme. 

Something about me: I first attended Beth Eden in 1968 as a teenager, the guest of my best friend who had become a Christian.  Within a year, I accepted Christ as my Savior, eventually attended Bible College and became the children’s director at Beth Eden Baptist Church. In the early 1980s, I helped the church purchase one of the first IBM PCs to manage the Children’s Department records.  That began my involvement with computers which the Lord used to lead me to work with Beth Eden students, using computers to create the school’s yearbook.

Mrs. Laura Saunders

Years Teaching: 11
Years at Beth Eden: 10
Coursework: B.M. Liberty University, M.A.Ed. University of Nebraska
Position: Music, Bells, Spanish, and Speech teacher

What I love about teaching music at BEBS:  My favorite thing about teaching music at BEBS is the pursuit of excellence to the glory of God.  Making music together brings so much joy to my life. 

Something about me:  Aside from music, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains.  We enjoy hiking, riding our ATV, and camping.  My life verse is Philippians 1:6.

­­Mrs. Jeni Schlosser

Years Teaching: 5
Years at Beth Eden: 4
Coursework: B.S. Clearwater Christian University
Position: Science teacher

What I love about teaching science at BEBS:  I enjoy exploring the many areas of God’s creation with my students and how each discovery points to the awesomeness of our Creator God.

Something about me:  I am an alumnus of BEBS.  I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, and being entertained by my silly children.  My favorite verse right now is John 15:4, “Abide in me, and I in you . . .” It reminds me of a teacher I had who told me, “The main point in life is keeping the main point the main point . . . which is abiding in Christ.”

Mrs. Lynnae Shelley

Years Teaching: 5
Years at Beth Eden: 1
Coursework: B.S., Bob Jones University
Position: Middle School Math and Science teacher

What I love about teaching middle school math and science at BEBS: I love getting to know the students. Each one is special and unique. I love being able to be a part of preparing the students for whatever future God has for them. It is fun to see God’s hand through the beautiful design of math and science.

Something about me: I have been married for 19 years to my wonderful husband, Paul. I am so thrilled to be able to teach where my elementary aged children are enrolled in school. I have loved getting to know the wonderful faculty and staff at BEBS.

Mr. Jim Stadler

Position: Physical Education