Welcome to
Beth Eden Athletics

We plan, prepare, and play to win
but winning is not our purpose.
— unknown

Athletics at Beth Eden Baptist School provide many opportunities for athletes to grow in and practice Christ-likeness. As one of the most visible representations of BEBS, the athletic department desires to magnify Christ before those who watch us on the court or field. In practices and games, coaches strive to make disciples of the student athletes by presenting godly examples and instruction that lead students toward Christ-likeness. Our goal is to create the most competitive teams we can while teaching the athletes how to please God in all aspects of life, including sports.

At the middle school and high school levels we offer girls volleyball, boys soccer, and boys and girls basketball. For elementary students, we run intramural basketball leagues to teach students basic skills and sportsmanship and encourage their desire to excel.

Our high school teams compete in the Colorado High School Activities Association through which we have a full schedule of games and compete in state tournaments.

Most of our students love to participate in athletics; over 75% of secondary students play on a sports team.  By doing so, they get to be a part of one of the most exciting programs at Beth Eden.  Our student-athletes enjoy opportunities to participate in multi-state tournaments, meet other student-athletes, and hone their skills through competitive play. 

It is not all about winning, though.  Sports reveal character and produce discipline.  Our coaches challenge our student-athletes to act like Christ through victories and defeats.  It is our goal to see character growth in both coaches and players throughout the season.  A successful athlete is a Christ-like athlete.